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What is The Meaning of Lokahi?

The Hawaiian word Lokahi [lō’-kā’-hi] can roughly be translated to unity and harmony, or even agreement. To better illustrate this meaning, a simple yet effective example is that of rowing or crew. Competitive or otherwise, rowers are quite strong and have great endurance, both of which are crucial for a successful crew.

However, if every rower were simply to row as strong and as fast as possible, the boat would hardly move smoothly or particularly quickly. It is only when the rowers can coordinate and work in unity that the boat begins to glide over the water harmoniously. The agreement in this teamwork is the single most important factor for a successful crew.

It isn’t difficult to see how this extends much further than rowing, and into our everyday personal and professional lives. It is important to remember that we are, after all, in relationship with just about everything in our lives and on the planet: from nature to others and even ourselves. In much the same ways, it is only when we are in agreement with those around us, with the environment that we occupy, and with ourselves, that we can truly claim to be in harmony. Anything from a fight with a loved one to an outfit that doesn’t quite agree with the weather can be enough to unsettle our harmony which, in turn, can unsettle the harmony of those around us.

Just as Lokahi extends into our personal and professional lives, it can certainly extend into business as well. After all, what is business if not built on the back of well-cultivated and friendly relationships, strengthened only by teamwork. Whether it be members of your own team, partners, investors, or even clients, working from a point of unity is what will translate into a smooth and painless experience for everybody involved—harmony.

The importance of Lokahi is everywhere, from smooth traffic to peaceful family gatherings and everywhere in between. Surely, if you keep the concept in your mind, you’ll find examples of the importance of unity and harmony in just about every corner of your life. Without thinking too hard, what’s one significant instance of Lokahi in your life that comes to mind? 

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