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What is
Living Pono?

As is the case with many Hawaiian words being translated into English, there isn’t exactly a direct translation for pono, and attempts to accurately describe the word often take paragraphs. For us, however, we would agree with Jason Scott Lee that pono, essentially, means righteousness. Living pono, then, would mean living righteously.

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We will be focusing on Organizational Development and Mentoring primarily, but the Pono philosophy will be our guiding light.

Bringing Pono to

Extending the concept of pono to businesses comes naturally, and healthily. If living pono means being in a state of harmony and balance with yourself, others, and life itself, then bringing pono to business means practicing harmonious and balanced business relationships.


Foundation of

Approaching business relationships and philosophies with a focus on establishing a foundation of care and genuine connection is not only a great way to achieve better results, but it’s a great way to ensure a better experience for everyone involved. Harmony and righteousness help us everywhere, even in business.

harmony and,

As Lee explains, this means having a harmonious and respectful relationship with the community and with the land. It means taking only what we need, and giving back whenever we can, especially to replenish that which we have taken. The relationships we have within our universe, at the end of the day, are about community—community with the people we know and work with, community with the land we use and share, and community within any space we might find. Navigating these relationships righteously, then, is first and foremost about respect.