Living Pono

Right on the crossroads of business operations and technology, you’ll find Kevin May, a transformational executive leader who specializes in overhauling processes and systems, improving efficiency, developing revenue streams, aligning technology to business objectives, and building IT infrastructures. Managing significant growth in this modern and dynamic market is no trivial feat, and Kevin uses his talent for leveraging disruptive strategies in order to achieve multimillion-dollar revenue growth in struggling or underperforming businesses. It is Kevin’s philosophy, after all, that leaders must be servants, first and foremost.


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Kevin’s commitment to servant leadership fits nicely with his understanding of Living Pono as an approach to both life and business. Pono is a Hawai’ian word that loosely translates to righteousness, and Living Pono is a Hawaiian value that loosely translates to living righteously. Similar and in tandem with the Hawaiian value of Lokahi, or unity and harmony, to live righteously means to live in harmony and balance with the community and with land—take only what you need and give whenever you can. Making the translation to business isn’t difficult, since this same harmony and balance is just as important in any professional relationship.

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Giving when you can is especially important when you’ve received it, and Kevin’s commitment to supporting starting and struggling businesses can also be seen as a part of this harmonious cycle. Once upon a time, a colleague and now friend of Kevin’s took a chance on him and encouraged him to jump into the deep end of the pool, which would eventually form Kevin into the professional that he is today. This act of graciousness and the spirit of believing in the best of people inspired Kevin in his life then and has inspired Kevin in his business relationships ever since. 

Kevin is excited and capable of tackling technology problems of all shapes and sizes, of conquering seemingly impossible obstacles, and of championing his ability to lead diverse teams toward a shared vision, all while honoring his commitment to community, to meaningful teamwork, and to Ohana. As the principles of Kakou and Lokahi tell us in both business and in life, we’re all in this together.